Wondrous Half Moon Silver Lace Set


The set comprises of

  • The Necklace which is composed of 80 fine HANDCRAFTED HALF MOONS, diligently twisted in fine double silver wires by needle and tweezer following the Needle Lace technique.
  • The Bracelet which is composed of 37 fine HAND embroidered HALF MOONS.
  • The Earrings, each composed of 5 HANDLACED HALF MOONS with fixed and pending silver pearls.
Each Half Moon measures 1.2 cm x 0.7 cm
Size of Necklace : 41 cm     Bracelet : 17 cm       Earring : 1.2 cm x 8 cm
Price for each item :   Necklace
Total Price
A striking jewellery set in Art Deco style !