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Just like back in the days when the making of an important piece of lace was a process distributed amongst a team of craftsmen and women, Myrna’s Duchess Lace Jewellery projects also assemble the skill and experience of passionate specialists. This combined effort saves up a lot of time and renders unique and impeccable creation pieces.

While 19th century Belgian Duchess lace – made out of spun linen threads – was crafted by means of bobbins, the Duchess Lace filigree jewellery for its part had to be adapted with the needle and tweezers lace technique. The result of this conversion is a thick silver frame that defines the overall shape and resistance of the jewel which is then progressively filled up with twisted thinner threads with needles and tweezers.


designer Myrna Lim

Myrna Lim is a jewellery designer based in Brussels, the Capital city of Europe. She first graduated at the University of Leiden as Master of Arts in Japanology, complemented by Marketing and Management studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (both cities are in The Netherlands). Following her personal passion for fine jewellery, she went on and obtained her Certificate in Gemmology at the Antwerp Diamond School and learned the arts of jewellery crafting at both the Antwerp and Brussels Jewellery Design Academies.


duchess lace inspiration

Myrna has been particularly impressed by the “Duchesse” lace, (created in 1893 to honour the wedding of King Leopold II to the Duchess of Brabant, Marie Henriette of Austria who was a supporter of the lace production) for its sophisticated details and richness of patterns. Back in her workshop the patterns of fauna and flora in original Art Nouveau style became her source of inspiration for making twisted and soldered lace in pure Sterling Silver threads instead of the finest spun linen thread.

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